Best child investment options india long term

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A short term investment is one where investment is made for the shorter duration in order to meet short term goals. Let us take an example if you are planning to purchase a new bike after one year and you want to make an investment for the same.

It is called as short term investment. In above example purchasing a new bike is short term goal and duration is 1 year. Short term goals include anything for which you need money in the near future.

Few examples of short term goals are given below. The duration of short term goal varies from person to person. So, if you are ready to invest your money for your short term goal here is 10 short term investment options. These short term investment options are expected to give moderate returns along with liquidity for the withdrawal of funds.

Go through all short term investment options given below and select best options based on your financial goal and investment strategy.

Saving Bank account is safest short term investment options in India. Saving bank account can be opened at any bank any time.

best child investment options india long term

The second best short term investment option is to keep your money in saving bank auto sweep facility. Auto sweep facility enables you to earn additional interest on the excessive money. Fixed deposit is most favorite short term investment option of many individuals.

The Fixed deposit can be opened with any nationalize or cooperative banks. Interest earned on fixed deposit is taxable. If you are looking for safe and reliable investment option you can consider recurring deposit. In recurring deposit, you need to deposit money every month.

Recurring deposit duration varies from 6 months to 10 years.

best child investment options india long term

You can best child investment options india long term recurring deposit at a post office or at a bank. The interest amount earned on recurring deposit is taxable. Fixed Maturity Plan is short term investment option. FMP is closed ended debt mutual funds.

FMP is available from 15 days to 5 years duration. Best child investment options india long term FMP has a lock-in paying dividend to retained earnings of 3 years.

FMP is similar what is the correlation for binary options trading site fixed deposit and offers fixed type of returns. The Company fixed deposit is next in the list of short term investment option. The Company fixed deposits are offered by big corporates in order to raise funds.

The Company fixed deposit offers higher interest rate compare to fixed deposit.

best child investment options india long term

However, it is considered as risky investment options. Debt funds are type of mutual funds that invests in fixed income schemes like bond etc. There are numbers of debt funds available in the market. Debt is the stock market a rigged game income scheme provides regular steady income to the investors.

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Equity Linked Saving Scheme is popularly known as ELSS. ELSS is one of the best short term investment options for tax saving and investment purpose. However, ELSS has a lock-in period for 3 years. If you philippine stock exchange delisting rules moderate risk taker you can plan to invest in balance mutual funds for a shorter duration.

The last short term investment option is gold. Gold can be a good hedge against inflation.

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However, Investment in gold is a risky affair and you may end up losing money in shorter duration. Invest in gold only if the duration of investment is two years or above. It is advisable to invest in gold via gold ETF. The short term investment options mentioned above might not give you very high returns, however, it will defiantly give you moderate returns. So, what are you waiting for select short term investment option as per your requirement and enjoy the fruits. Do share your thoughts and ideas about short term investment options.

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It might help other investors. If you are planning to invest for the longer duration you can go through our one of the most popular blog post — Top 10 long term Investment options in India. Hi, I am Raviraj. I am passionate about money matters and finance.

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